C228 Task 1 Essay

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C228-Community Health Nursing-Task 1
Misty Sherman
Western Governors University

Identification of Community Brazoria County, Tx is located just south of Harris county, extending from Houston to the Gulf of Mexico. It includes the cities of Pearland, Manvel, Alvin, Angleton, Sweeny, Lake Jackson, and Freeport. Of these, Angleton is the county seat, but Pearland has the greatest population (City-data.com, 2015). As of 2012, Brazoria County contained a population of 77% urban and 23% rural (City-data.com, 2015). Of the residents of Brazoria County, 63% are between the ages of 18 and 64 (United States Census Bureau, 2010). The leading causes of death for the county are heart disease, cancer, motor vehicle accidents, diabetes, and
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The median household income for 2013 was $66, 250 and the percentage of residents living in poverty was 11.7% (City-date.com, 2015). Of the 11.7% living in poverty, 89% were white non-hispanic, 13.2% black, 19.0% Hispanic, 12.6% american Indians, 15.8% were classified as other, and 8.2% as two or more races (City-data.com, 2015). Also with the poverty level, 16% were children under the age of 18. A July 2013 unemployment rate of 5.5% was able to be found (City-date.com, 2015). As of 2014, the percentage of uninsured residents of Brazoria County was found to be 21% (County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, 2015).
Neighborhood/Community Safety Inventory The Neighborhood/Community Safety Inventory tool was used to assess physical and psychosocial safety hazards in the county. Environmental safety hazards found in Brazoria County include drinking water violations, severe housing problems, and driving alone to work (County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, 2015). Though a breakdown of the actual chemicals for drinking water violations could not be located, the violations occurred at a rate of 5% (County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, 2015). Severe housing problems included units lacking complete kitchen facilities, units lacking complete plumbing facilities, households that are severely overcrowded, or household that is severely

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