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Running Head: COMMUNITY ASSESSMENT Community Assessment (Student Name] Western Governors University 9 May 2015 1 COMMUNITY ASSESSMENT 2 A. Community Assessment: [city/county name], SC Located in the Foothills of South Carolina, the city of [city/county name], South Carolina is rapidly growing and has become an appealing destination for short-term and long-term visitors. [city/county name] has spectacular natural beauty, southern charm, and unanticipated contemporary sophistication making it alluring to multigenerational and multicultural groups. [city/county name] City is located in the center of [city/county name] County. [city/county name] County is located in the northwest of South Carolina, with Western North Carolina bordering…show more content…
This tool helped identify the need to assess air quality, community safety/preparedness, and crime statistics. In 2013, the American Lung Association gave [city/county name] a grade of “C” on the number of Ozone Days. This was due to three days exceeding the standard limitation for ozone in the air. [city/county name] received a passing grade for particulate pollution in 2013 (American Lung Association, 2013). The [city/county name] County Emergency Management Office states that [city/county name] County has four hazards. These hazards are Naturally-Occurring Events, Technological Events, Human-Related Events, and Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Events. [city/county name] County is ranked at highest vulnerability for drought, flooding, and winter storms in South Carolina. It is also ranked as highest vulnerability in the state for transportation accidents involving chemical or radiation spills. [city/county name] County is within 50 miles of the Oconee Nuclear power plant, thereby increasing the risk of a nuclear power event ([city/county name] County Office of Emergency Management, 2015). [city/county name] City has a high rate of crime. Statistics show that [city/county name] is safer than only four percent of the cities in the United States. Sixty-four people out of one thousand are likely to become a victim of crime in [city/county 5 COMMUNITY ASSESSMENT name], with eight of those being violent crimes and fifty-six being property

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