Essay on C234 Task 1

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Task 1: Workforce Planning, Recruitment, & Selection

Course Code: 234
Student Name: Jared Oldenkamp
Student ID: 000248696
Date: 4/30/16
Student Mentor Name: Sarah Bizzaro

Labor Demand and Labor Supply
According to the memo on proposed employee referral plan, the average age of the current officer is 45 years. A large majority of current officers will be retiring in the near future and need to be replaced.
Another demand affecting the labor pool is internal promotions. One quarter of the current work force will have to be replaced following promotions.
The new mayor has promised to decrease crime and increase patrols in the high crime areas of the city, requiring the addition of many new officers.
According to the memo on
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Other Police Departments with a yield ratio of 80%
Military Police with a yield ratio of 60%
I chose to recruit from other police departments for two reasons. They have the highest yield ratio, meaning the highest amount of job offers in relation to the number of applicants. I also chose to recruit from other police departments because they do not need to attend the 12 week training course according to the recruitment data on police officers memo.
I also chose to recruit military police officers since they had the second highest yield ratio and they most closely resemble that of an actual police officer. “The qualities of a great police officer are virtually identical to those of a great soldier: both have a desire to serve their country and community and protect people and their rights.” (
Other Police Departments 1. Electronic job postings. “Online recruiting reaches a much larger or more targeted audience than other methods do. Along with reaching job seekers anywhere, you can attract candidates with very specific skills.” ( 2. Employee Referral. Employee referrals tend to get through the hiring process much faster than typical external candidates. “According to a study by JobVite, on average it takes 29 days to hire a referred candidate, compared to 39 days to hire a candidate through a job posting or 55 days to hire a
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