C2H32O13: The Chemical Formula For Sunscreen

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The chemical formula for sunscreen is C29H32O13. When you want to shorten you use the empirical formula which is then going to make it C2H2O. To find this, you divide by a number that they all can be divided by to give you the simplest form of the compound. The molar mass of C29H32O13 would be 588.53628 g/mol. To find this, you multiply the molar mass of each element and multiply it by the subscripts. After you get that you add them all together and the sum you get is your molar mass in grams per mol. Next you find the percent composition of each element in the compound. To do this you take the molar mass of the element and multiply it by the sub scripts, then you take your answer and divide it by the compound’s molar mass. After that you multiply
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