CAFR Budget Analysis Paper

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CAFR Budget Analysis Paper April 19, 2007 Introduction The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) that our team chose to analyze is for the State of Ohio. The CAFR is for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2006. The information that was reviewed for the CAFR budget analysis was: the population, the State of Ohio’s governmental structure, the size of the budget and its interrelationship with the CAFR, major industries located in the entity, and other pertinent demographic information. Population The population for the State of Ohio was compared in an annual estimate of the population for Ohio Counties: April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2006. According…show more content…
The general fund type consists of general revenue and general services. The special revenue fund type consisted of higher education improvement, cultural facilities building, and Clean Ohio Conservation Program. Next, the capital projects fund type consisted of: mental health facilities improvement, parks and recreation improvement, administrative building, and juvenile correctional building. The enterprise fund type consisted of: liquor control, state lottery, and workers’ compensation. Finally, the agency fund type consisted of: agency, accrued leave liability, and volunteer fire fighters’ dependents. The totals for each of the fund types are: general government ($1,015,491 for adjusted appropriations (aa) $875,7998 for total committed appropriations (tca), $139,693 for uncommitted appropriations (ua), and $888,605 for budgetary expenditures (be); total community and economic development fund: $2,042,882 for adjusted (aa), $1,374,832 for total committed, $668,050 for uncommitted, and $1,250,961 for expenditures; total local government support and tax relief fund: $4,110,991 for adjusted, $3,943,201 for total committed, $167,790 for uncommitted, and $3,943,201 for expenditures; capital outlay fund: $1,133,362 for adjusted, $446,471 for total committed, $686,891 for uncommitted,
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