CAFS IRP - Depression in youth

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Depression and its affects of youth Table of contents

Abstract: 5
Acknowledgements: 7
Introduction: 8
Depression is a psychiatric disorder characterized by an inability to concentrate, insomnia, loss of appetite, feelings of extreme sadness, guilt, helplessness and hopelessness, and thoughts of death experienced by an individual for over two weeks and it affects the following needs listed in the Groups in Context unit. 8
Methods of data collection: 13
Results 15
For my third question “Do you know what depression is?” the vast majority (17 out of 20) of my respondents claimed to know what depression was, however, in my fourth question where respondents were asked to define depression, only 6 had a
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I found in my questionnaire that the majority of people (14 out of 20) did not know the true meaning of depression and considered it to be just “feeling down” which tells me that the term is being over-used as being sad is very much more common than being clinically depressed, this information was not available in the secondary resources that I studied so therefore my secondary data did not support this aspect of my hypothesis. 26
My secondary data supported most of my primary data in the way that they both told me the same things except for my question as to wether the term depression was an over-used term, which I could not find a direct answer to at all, which I thought was surprising as there is an unbelievable amount of secondary information available on the subject of depression, however a lot of the information found from different sources is the same as each other, which proved to be quite time consuming to try and find different information. 28
I had many difficulties when completing my IRP which included peoples reluctance to complete my questionnaire, as well as the time it took for the questionnaires to be returned to me plus some of the questionnaires were not returned which meant that more had to be printed and I do not have a printer so I did

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