CARTS Analysis Paper

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In order to select the best ideas generated through our collective brainstorm, the group conducted a detailed CARTS analysis. CARTS is an acronym that stands for Cost, Acceptance, Resources, Time and Space. Each one the criteria were used to determine the best course of action to get us from the problem to the solution. The “C” represents cost; we determined that there were little restrictions because the components of our solution would not require technologies and materials that we do not currently possess. Next, we considered the “A” which stand for acceptance. Every team member's ideas benefitted the process, and most of our initial ideas did fit well in the overall workflow of the major solution. However, we did not agree that creating a time matrix was worth our time and resources, so we left that one out. The “R” in the CARTS analysis stands for resources. It has been determined that the budget, people, skills and other materials needed to make our plan work is in place. Next, we considered the time and space, the “T” and the “S” needed to implement our plan. Since the scope of our problem is not suspended, the time factor is not really a constraint for us. The actions step for our solution is skills driven and therefore the execution of our solution will become more and more effective as it is continuously used. Space, which is the final step in the analysis, is also not a deterrent from the actions steps of our solution.…show more content…
They are intertwined and synergistic, for our plan to succeed we will need to follow the steps and continue to evaluate and revise. Below is an illustration of our mind
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