CAS Reflection Essay

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CAS Reflection Essay
During the first visit to PDK Putrajaya, we started it off with an ice-breaking session with the trainees. Then, a few of us help this wheel-chaired girl with her physiotherapy session while the rest of us assist the preschool and adults group with their learning by the usage of interactive flash cards.
During the second visit, we sang patriotic songs since it was the Merdeka week. One of my group mates and I continued the day by teaching the preschool kids about colors and how to differentiate them. We also played with some toys too. Meanwhile, the other group mates had a ‘Creative Learning Session’ with the disabled adults group. We played with balloon, did some drawing and learnt how to spell their names
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We as the normal people have to do our part to make them feel home and as a part of our society. More exclusively, I feel amazed and proud by the strength and patience the teachers at PDK Putrajaya go through day by day helping them. I have developed patience, tolerance and teamwork skill throughout these activities.

The trainees helped me think about my learning during the previous activities. The trainees, in some way, helped me to be grateful for who I am and at the same time make me more willing to help them. I became more patient with life challenges because of them.

My group’s overall activities help benefit others by lessen the teachers’ at PDK Putrajaya burden with the repainting of the classrooms. Many hands make light work. My group also help supply the demand of the KMB students’ needs by selling food to raise fund. In addition to that, the activities broaden the trainees’ view and they learn how to interact with the society. They also make improvements on their problems and disabilities.

Planning for the next two visits

30th October 2013 :
A visit to Botanical Garden (Moroccan Pavilion) , Putrajaya.
13th November 2013:
Farewell ceremony
Speech, video-showing and reflections on activities we have done together
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