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Case Study #2

According to the text, the DIY Store is a nationwide chain that offers everything from home repair to general maintenance equipment for do-it-yourself projects. In addition to the wide variety of goods they sell, the DIY Company has been very successful due to the customer service they provide by hiring experienced employers and strategically placing them into departments that complement their knowledge and skills. Despite the success that DIY has seen since they entered the market, DIY noticed that they were losing competitive advantage to more convenient online resources. Rather than trying to come up with marketing and sales schemes to bring consumers back to the stores, DIY brought its services to the consumers via
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Additionally, in an unexpected development, the online sales associates also became a valued source of knowledge for DIYs other employees.

Before DIY Stores chain implemented its online services to target more consumers, its large size presented many problems that affected the company’s agility, or ability to adapt to consumer demands. The consumers wanted the convenience that the Internet offered and DIY Stores was losing its competitive advantage to the Internet. This also meant that revenue was on a decline and the costs of running so many stores couldn’t be ignored. It was in an overcome and adapt type of situation, and DIY Stores’ solution was to transform their preexisting experts into online experts, so they could provide the same goods and services online that they offered in their stores, and ultimately prevent becoming a statistic of natural selection to Internet competition. Online technology made it easier to provide expertise to more consumers faster and it was more convenient for the consumer. The fact that DIY stores had so many chain stores and employees also allowed them to stagger work shifts so their employee experts could work both in the store part time and online part time.
In order to increase agility, DIY Stores increased its amount of service platforms. In today’s world, there are many other means of delivering goods and services to consumers using the

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