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Starbucks’ Mission: Social Responsibility and Brand Strength I. Statement of the Problem In today’s business world, stakeholders have become adept at holding companies to account for the social consequences of their activities and rank based on the performance of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Many companies have implemented CSR initiatives, yet these efforts have not been nearly a success for two reasons. First, they pit business against society, when clearly the two are interdependent. Second, they pressure companies to think of CSR in generic ways instead of in the way most appropriate to each firm’s strategy (Porter 2006). Starbucks experienced increasing pressure from its stakeholders to act as a good…show more content…
This is in response to growing concern that it will pay a premium for beans grown on environmentally and socially responsible farms which the Company hopes will create positive changes within the global coffee market and eventually result in a fully sustainable coffee production supply chain. Since then, Starbucks has expanded its CSR partnership with various nonprofit organizations around the globe, as well as it has founded its own Starbucks Foundation. Starbucks coffee purchases are Fair Trade Certified that covers 5% of its total coffee purchases. Starbucks joined with Bono’s Product RED in an effort tot raise money for HIV and Aids research, and the African Wildlife Foundation and Business for Social Responsibility. The number one guiding principle in Starbucks’ mission statement was to “provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity” and Starbucks has perennial put emphasis on this principles and it became the foundation of its organization’s culture. This is evident throughout its corporate website where the company’s CSR activities are integrated into the entire website. Starbucks executives believe that the experience customers have in their stores should be the same in any country. During the 2008-2009 global recession, Starbucks seeks to regroup, reviewed its strategy and refocused the


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