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Derrick Robinson-Pate
June 22, 2015
MGT 300
Case Application

1. What do you think of UA’s approach to innovation? Would you expect to see this type of innovation in an athletic wear company? Explain.
a. Under Armour’s approach towards innovation is very unique, they think and plan out their projects thoroughly in order to create a one of a kind product that could be appealing to their consumers. The company has been extremely progressive throughout the years in order to stay ahead of the other competitive companies in their targeted industry. By constantly updating and coming up with different product lines, such as compression shirts and cleats, Under Armour is able to compete with other top athletic wear company’s in their market. If
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Plank states that Under Armour is “utterly determined to conquer that next layer, and the layer after that.” Under Armour is currently working on a number of different products and are also on the edge of a developing a new shirt technology that would be able to measure your heart. This company has and will always stay on top when it comes down to innovation and the development of new products.
4. What’s your interpretation of the company’s philosophy posted prominently over the door of its design studio? What does it say about innovation?
a. To me, I believe that their statement above the door of their design studio speaks a lot of volume in terms of motivation and determination. By me reading the statement, it automatically gives me the mindset of wanting to innovate and excel pass the normal expectations that are expected. This shows their employees that innovating is an important factor to the company and the way to success. As a company, their goal is to continue to refine and develop new products and surpass their limits when it comes down to developing and designing products. They design new and better products in order to replace the already existing merchandises.
5. What could other companies learn from the way UA innovates?
a. What other companies could learn from Under Armours process of innovation, is to always push ideas and creativity pass its

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