CATWOE Analysis

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With the help of CATWOE analysis and root defination shows that many factors and their connection, within the system, directly or indirectly affects, and various supports from the upper division is necessary to handle such situations. In the language of management, emergence is central of integrative phase and complex systems management. It is found in this report (Reardon, Ryan & Wanhill, 2015).
With the help of the CATWOE analysis, the system problem identified must be resolved. The problem is with the management of the immigrant patients and their communication with social care givers in the organization. This issue can be resolved through deep analysis of the behavior of the immigrants and by understanding their desires. The pattern should
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The identification of problems of potential threat factors in the system demonstrates the complex system. These systems include several contradictory factors whose activity is generally non-linear. In this tough situation, the complex increases with the interference of humans which is harder to assume or understand (Martin et al. 2016). On the other hand, it is bit hard to express these circumstances in a viable system model with the help of this examples on which the report is based on is a possible problem which has been detected using the systems thinking, rather than a description of the system or the organization itself. Various issues have been observed in the field of health organization, hospitals, and many other places. The insights and possible remedies have been discussed in this part.

Education of Social care givers:
Education can be a way to fight various issues regarding the social structure of a health-related organization like how to do manual handling of handicapped patients. Education is the basic need of a human being, with the education there might be a possibility of preventing the issues regarding various social issues in the field of system management. In most of the cases like this, it has been found poor education is one of the problem factors to generate such problems in the workplace.
For instance, handicapped patients are already suffering from pain
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Social structure builds the image of the organization in the eyes of the customers so that the organization must build its image to get success and puts various kinds of social supports to the system managing authority. Social supports from various governmental or nongovernmental organizations, political influences, media, and the public (Kang et al. 2016).

Economic factors affecting the system:
Economy is a thing which is affecting each sector of life equally; it affected the system management too. Numerous economic factors have been seen that affects the social structure of an organization in direct or in an indirect way. Prevention of economic issues is a great challenge in system management. Therefore, funds must be raised for building a better infrastructure and revamping of the buildings. Better equipment need to be purchased for smooth operations.

Cultural factors of system management:
There are various cultural factors that affect the social structure of an organization. Cultural and sub cultural ethnicity are the main reason behind this, but this must need a perfect solution to avoid unnatural behaviors in such places (Jackson,
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