CAUTI Case Study Summary

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The average cost of treating a single CAUTI is $1006 and if it becomes a bloodstream infection has the potential to cost over $36,000. There are a total of eight hospitals in the system so four is in just one of the units. It could potentially cost millions of dollars a year to treat CAUTIs system wide but educating the clinical staff could save them money. The cost of educating the nurses is $862.50, average salary 23.00 X 1.5 hrs. = 34.50, with 25 nurses on the unit at $34.50. The cost of educating the nurse technician is $108, an average nurse tech salary is $12.00 X 1.5 hrs = 18, with 6 nurse techs on the unit at $18.00. Ultimately, providing education to all clinical staff can improve patient outcomes as well as preventing CAUTIs,
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