CAUTI Summary

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CAUTI directly affects the patients care and outcome. Patients experience longer hospital stays, complications and possible death due to catheter infections. Decreasing the duration of the indwelling Foleys will promote patient recovery, decrease the hospital days and in the end reduce the cost facilities has to absorb. Evidence-base practice concludes that reducing catheters leads to attentive patient care by healthcare workers resulting in high quality care (Smakulski et al., 2015). When patients are hospitalized for a longer than anticipated period, it affects them emotionally causing depression, anxiety and stress. Furthermore, it places a financial burden on them due to the inability to return to work and the cost of a longer hospital…show more content…
One object of the NIH is improving the health of Americans by building a scientific foundation for clinical practice through reach and training (NIH, n.d.). The NIH’s mission is to promote and improve the health of individuals, families and the community (NIH, n.d.). Gaining the support of the NIH is important because the organization promotes the use of evidence-based practice. NIH uses research to validate its findings through continuous research in the areas of acute and chronic diseases and ways to manage the disease. NIH would be able to provide numerous confirmations as to why early Foley catheter discontinuation is vital to patient care outcomes. The NIH supports the topic of CAUTI by providing education on CAUTI and ways that health care providers can take an active role in decreasing the incidence of it. The NIH focuses their research on evidence-base practice, and then shares their findings to local hospitals and local communities to follow. The organization provides resources, education and guides health care workers on the current best
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