CBA: Israel-Palestine Conflict

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The most essential reasons behind the Israel-Palestine conflict were geocultural factors. These factors contributed greatly to the contentious argument between both groups because with the geocultural perspective, the religious tensions between Muslims and Jews have resulted in the problematic issue over the holy structures in Jerusalem. The second most contributing factors in the Israel-Palestine conflict were psychological factors. These were the second greatest factors that started the dispute because with the psychological perspective, the aftereffects of the holocaust have traumatized the remaining Jews and also the Palestinian refugees losing their homeland. The conflict takes place in the Middle East, holy land of Jerusalem and officially started from 1948 and ongoing. The average person in Israel is a wealthy Jew and the typical Palestinian is an impoverished Muslim. The forced migration of Palestinian refugees and military checkpoints are disadvantages towards Palestine and are huge advantages to the Israelis.
According to the “Excerpts from the Torah, Genesis 28:13-16”, states the Lord giving land to Jacob and his “offspring” and reminds Jacob that he “will not leave until he has done what he promised”. This is important because the geocultural social science perspective, Abraham’s descendants inherits the holy land which is the Kingdom of David in modern Israel. Israel’s flag consists of the Star of David and two rivers; Euphrates and Nile which symbolizes the
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