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IGCSE Geography Fieldwork- Write Up Hypothesis- The land use and characteristics of the CBD in Singapore are distinctive yet there are a number of unique features. Sub Hypothesis: Tall buildings cluster in the Singapore CBD Buildings frontages in the CBD will be small Retail and offices dominate land-use Pedestrian and vehicle congestion will be high in the CBD Environmental ‘quality’ is satisfactory A CBD (Central business District) is considered as the Central district of a city, usually concentrated with commercial and office buildings. The CBD is multi-functional as it is the most desirable and accessible part of a town or city, and therefore the rent is highest as the demand for space is great. The adjacent picture( Bid Rent…show more content…
Prudential. Then we calculated our average from our results to make the test more accurate. Conversely, we couldn’t capture a complete set of accurate readings as timings weren’t completely to scratch and pedestrians could have been missed in the tally. We were situated on the sidewalks of the CBD (mostly near zebra crossings and traffic lights). We did this at several times during the day comprising 9:30, 10:30 and 11:30. However, we couldn’t be in numerous places at the matching period so we measured one place at one time and then progressed onto the succeeding sums. We did this to show that at different times of the day in the CBD there is an increase in density on the walkways. From our results displayed below we came to the conclusion that there was a higher compactness on the walkways as the day progressed. Also we established some anomalies i.e. rain, or lunchtime which effected the results. Vehicle Count For assessing the vehicle count it was the identical to the pedestrian count process. The time frame was 3 minutes and measured at Prudential and PWC building only. We did this by all of us standing in a designated area whilst tallying down vehicles which was caught in out sight of view. However by doing so we couldn’t be completely accurate as we may of overlooked a few vehicles or tallied to much. We were situated on the sidewalks of the CBD (mostly near zebra crossings and traffic lights) in relation to our zone maps. We did this to prove
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