CBRN Threats: Course Analysis

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A specific CBRN threat learned in this course viewed as an increasing threat is the nuclear weapon, low-yield to be specific. Other CBRN threats are likely, if not more, but none would give witness of terrorist/ISIS power like nuclear. It is the nuclear attack that has immediate results, no vaccine, and enduring collateral damage. It is my opinion that a coordinated multi-strike low-yield nuclear attack would be a signature move desired by terrorists or ISIS. According to (Richardt, Hülseweh, Sabath, and Niemeyer, 2013, Chapter 5), “A nuclear explosion occurs as a result of the rapid release of energy from an intentionally high-speed nuclear reaction” (Section 5.1). The primary output of a nuclear device is the explosion and radiation. While the explosion is massive, the radiation has an immediate and residual effect over a large area (Section 5.1). According to (Richardt et…show more content…
Anything less may result in regret should a low-yield nuclear attack occur. With rules established to control of nuclear materials, like enriched uranium, it would appear on the surface all is safe. However, smuggling and theft of enriched uranium exist. According to Sokova, Potter, and Chuen (2007), trafficking of enriched uranium in Georgia has occurred multiple times. It is probable more smuggling and theft has occurred unknowingly. Sensors exist and work when knowing where the uranium is located but shielding the material is another possibility. According to (Richardt, Hülseweh, Sabath, and Niemeyer, 2013, Chapter 9), all radiation types can be shielded. Alpha is shielded by paper, Beta is shield by plastic, Gamma-Xrays are shielded by lead, and Neutron is shielded by concrete (Fig. 9.2). In (The ABC News Nuclear Smuggling Experiment, 2003), 15 pounds of depleted uranium metal were smuggled into the Unites States (para. 1). Although it was only depleted uranium, natural or weapon grade uranium can be
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