CBT Level 5 Assignment 3 Essay

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1. What is your understanding of the value of National Occupational Standards? (5)
I think that the NOS is a valuable guide which provides practitioners with clarification of the standards they are expected to perform. The NOS can also help the therapist to identify the ‘gaps’ in their learning and help to plan further professional development. The NOS can be a great help for the practitioner in evaluating their own practice in order to improve their professional performance.

2. Describe briefly what preparation needs to be done before a client session. (5)
Before a client session starts it is important to make sure that the facilities and environment are chosen carefully. The practice room should be safe, clean
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A further session can be booked where the client can discuss the final details. It should be clarified that the client is welcome to book a check-up session in case of any problems will occur and in order to prevent new issues. It is also appropriate to make the necessary referrals if required.

6. What is the point of supervision? Explain in your own words. (5)
To make sure that the highest standards are met it is crucial for the practitioner to have personal and professional supervision. Having personal supervision will help the practitioner to stay emotionally stable and well-balanced, safeguarding practitioner will not cause any damage to a client through their emotion state. Professional supervision allows the practitioner to discuss the client’s case, ensuring that the identity is not disclosed with a supervisor. The supervisor can overview the cases and provide a feedback. Supervision helps the practitioner to identify and resolve the problems if occurred. A supervisor can be used as a mentor or independent third party to give an non-biased opinion if anything improper was done or the practitioner has become emotionally or personally involved or whether the arrangements made are working and are of high standard.

7. When might you need to make referrals? (5)
During the first session it is important to ensure that the practitioner can provide the client with

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