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University of Phoenix Material Personality in Counseling Worksheet Respond to the following questions in 100 to 175 words each. Use references and citations when appropriate. 1. What is the philosophy of the counseling profession? How has this changed over time? Why is this important to study? A. My practical view of the philosophy of the counseling profession is that each session is a journey of self-exploration by the client, meant to increase his/her level of self-understanding and self-awareness. B. The counseling profession itself is a little more than a hundred years old. A license can be gained in almost every state for the profession. In order to unify the profession as a whole though there are still steps that need to be…show more content…
This can often times cause an individual to not explore obvious ways of dealing with hard personal and emotional issues. Sometimes we can have the answer in the front of us and because of our personality choose to not follow the help given to us by way of counselling assistance. An individuals inner self needs all the positive inspiration it can get and our personality is vital element to accepting what we require for our own good. Accepting that our internal self is a emotion, and instinctive, self also empowers us to work towards pursuing direction to decide disputes and anxieties that have developed and matured. Psychology a Connectext 4th edition, Terry F. Pettijohn Discovering Psychology, Don Hockenbury & Sandra Hockenbury 3. What is a theoretical orientation in counseling? What value does following a theoretical orientation bring to counseling? Theoretical orientation is the concept of understanding of how a person’s problems develop and how the person’s problems can be solved. Theoretical orientation is the guiding principle in the organization of treatment and provides the counselor with information on interaction with the client. Establishing a theoretical orientation in counseling is vital to mental health profession, without a basis of knowledge on how to respond will often lead to the thinking that the counselor in incompetent in the field. Development of a theoretical orientation is often initiated and enhanced through

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