CCND1 Research Paper

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Cyclin D1 (CCND1) is known to be a prominent part of the cell cycle in humans by regulating the cell cycle. In this research paper, the CCND1 was examined for other things. Researchers believed that an access amount of the CCND1 was causing breast cancer, which is a wide spread problem across the country. The research consisted of 147 patients and eight different tissue cores from 4-8 tumors were taken. It was found that a high degree of homogeneity is the beginning development for breast cancer.

In this research paper, the experimental design was based around the relationship to CCND1 to breast cancer. CCND1 is present during the G1 phase of the mitosis cell cycle. Which occurs right before the S phase. If the CCND1 has a malfunction then the rest of the cell cycle will not finish off correctly into normal functioning cells. The research paper also noted that tumor heterogeneity is a critical issue and there is a hard time treating the tumors because it rejects most of the cell therapy treatments.
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In my opinion I am glad that 147 participants were in this study so that the experimenters could get enough information to have a better unbiased result. A couple of methods used to test these samples were tissue microarray (TMA) and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). TMA allows for multiple samples to be tested at once and it is a great way to compare multiple samples. Also, the samples would not containment the other samples. FISH is used to bind the genetic structures that are similar to one another. If there are two of each heterogeneity and homogeneity, the heterogeneity would combine with the heterogeneity and the homogeneity with the homogeneity because they would be the most compatible with each
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