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CCOT Eurasia developed an integrated network of economic activity by the year 1200 C.E.. Between 1000 BCE and 1200 CE, it expanded greatly. The principle relied heavily on changes in trade networks, governmental alliances, religion and the continuity of warfare and social hierarchies. Trade networks are crucial to any economic scenario. They allow for the free flow of goods and services to be carried out over wide expanses of land and both within and throughout cultures. Examples of this are most notable for Marco Polo and his expedition across the Silk Road. The expansion of this throughout Eurasia stimulated wealth and cultural richness/diversity in all areas it contacted. Why else would artifacts form one culture be found hundreds of…show more content…
The ephemeral beauty of these alliances cannot be permanent. Even in today’s time networks shift. A glaring example of this is how we may lift the embargo with Cuba. The last major change over time is that of religion. The rise and fall of religions fascinates scholars. The introduction of all major religions created newfound economic activities. Eurasia was shocked with the emerging religions that quickly proliferated throughout the world. With large groups of people sharing a single belief, economic opportunities emerged to accommodate their needs. A perfect example is the hub of Mecca as a trading city becoming a pilgrimage site. Not only did the economy prosper, but also so did religion and the culture itself. These plagued Eurasia. They affect economic activates by altering markets needs and wants. They also specialize labor and further wealth gaps. Sadly, these things still exist in the present age. For example, the caste system in India! Also, in the United States, the wealth gap is still evident from the financial recession of 2008 and social movements like Occupy Wall Street. Continuities are hard to trace. However, in this period, the warring states of the period and social hierarchies remained pretty much identical. The warfare, usually enacted by governments, was always to increase trade routes. This, in turn, led to a hindrance of economic growth with the increased competition for markets. By fighting, people achieved the

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