CEC Ethical Principles For Special Education Professionals

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The CEC Ethical Principles for Special Education Professionals are just making sure that the student’s best interest is put first in a safe and regulated way. The principles are to make sure special education teachers are held to a high standard when teaching students with disabilities. The three principles that stood out to me the most were principle #1, principle #3, and principle #8. I think all the principles were important and should be upheld by special education teachers.
Principle #1 talks about how important it is to maintain challenging expectations for students with exceptionalities while respecting their dignity. I chose this one because think it is one of the most important task a special education teacher has. I also chose it because principle #1 lines up with my goal as a special education teacher. My goal is to help my students have the best quality of life they can. It is important for all special education teachers to follow principle #1 because it is their jobs as teachers to push their students to the best of their ability while still respecting the student. All special education teachers should uphold this principle because it is their job to develop the highest possible learning outcomes for their students. I remember in high school observing the special education teachers putting this principle to use with the students. We had a cookie store where the students in the special education department ran it. All the students had a role that fit their

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