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When Robert Horton left his position as Chairman and CEO of BP, the company was in financial trouble and the employee morale was notably low. The company was experiencing losses, the debt-to-equity ratio was out of control, and the company had positioned itself in so many diverse markets that most of the employees had no idea what the company mission and goals were. When David Simon took over as CEO, he was faced with the daunting task of turning the wayward company around. Simon accomplished this task for three reasons: he diagnosed and modified the organizational culture; he possessed important leadership skills; and he knew how to motivate employees.
One of the biggest deficiencies of Horton’s management was his attempt to Americanize
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The drive Simon possessed was magnified through his years of school and his progression through the company. The case illustrates Simon’s drive with the story of him being told by a teacher that he should go into industry. She was implying he was not an intellectual but this criticism only fueled his drive. These are just a few of the characteristics Simon possessed in addition to being a good communicator and being able to inspire trust.
In addition to possessing these leadership skills, Simon also possessed the skills necessary to motivate his employees to perform at their highest capacity. A recurring employee complaint was the ambiguous nature of company goals. The case tells us that in order to alleviate this, Simon set simple goals which were achievable in the short-term so that employees could see their progress. Not only was this a way to enhance employees commitment to goals but it also helped reward the employees in timely manner. Simon also had the ability to empower his employees to achieve as he was described as having a “sophisticated and unique talent for guiding people without them really knowing he is doing it” (Davidson).
All of the examples mentioned above worked well for Simon because he was able to excite employees and get them all working toward the same goal. By doing this he changed the culture of BP and in time improved overall company performance. Although Simon did great things for BP, his approach was not without flaw. One

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