CEO of a Medium Sized Public Corporation Reviews His Company

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Our primary stakeholders are the owners of the company; the customers we serve (many of whom have celiac disease or other gluten-related intolerances and allergies that make it impossible for them to consume normal breads and treats); retailers that sell the baked goods, and the company employees. Members of the community are secondary stakeholders, as they are affected by how we conduct our business in an ethical and environmentally-friendly fashion; the food media, and federal and state regulators who oversee the safety of our production line.
Recommend ways the stakeholders can influence the destiny of your business Obviously, the governance of the owners, in terms of their ability to make intelligent decisions will affect the destiny of the business. Consumer demand can clearly influence the destiny of the business. Gluten-related health issues are receiving more media attention, and the diagnosis of celiac disease is on the rise (Making sense of the gluten-free trend, 2012, Hartman Group). More and more consumers are avoiding gluten because of health reasons and the trendiness of the gluten-free diet. However, if this trend abates, this could cause demand to drop. Retailers' willingness to devote shelf space to the products will affect the destiny of the business. It is obviously more desirable to be sold in…
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