CEO's Letter: A Content Analysis

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CEO’s Letter A content Analysis -Shivendra Sirohi A company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO); is the company’s highest ranking corporate officer. CEO’s letter to the shareholders and associates are used enormously in the decision making process by investors. In a way it provides working and the ideology of a company. However, according to the facts, these CEO letters are not audited and don’t face any regulations. This enables CEO’s to use these letters accordingly to manage the views shareholders have for the respective company. By doing this the CEO market their company and try seek positive…show more content…
Like Wal-Mart’s Express stores, Target also plans on opening new CityTarget stores. Since Wal-Mart is Target’s biggest competitor by planning on opening CityTarget stores, Target is following the Strategic Group ideology which is also discussed in chapter 9 “Dealing with Competition”. Target’s CEO letter talks about its REDcard offer which enables its customers to save additional 5% when they use the card. For the year 2011, Target experienced stronger guest loyalty, which was seen by more frequent visits and increased spending across categories. Where as mentioned in Wal-Mart’s CEO letter, it is developing its ASDA price guarantee program for price transparency. Hence Target and Wal- Mart are using the marketing approach Building Loyalty discussed in chapter 5 “Creating customer value, satisfaction, and loyalty”. Wal-Mart’s CEO letter states that its new Global Business Process Team is developing a tool that will help drive growth by deepening its understanding of consumer trends and creating new analytical tool. As discussed in the book in chapter 3, analyzing the Macroenvironment is vital and successful companies need to recognize to unmet needs and trends. Wal- Mart’s CEO letter includes that it is making a healthy progress in developing best talent in each market. The CEO says that recruiting; developing
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