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CERAE Content Experience Reflection Analysis Evaluation

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Math Before Christ

Math started before Christ. Predynastic Egyptians of the 5th millennium BC pictorially represented geometric designs. It has been claimed that megalithic monuments in England and Scotland, dating from the 3rd millennium BC, incorporate geometric ideas such as circles, ellipses, and Pythagorean triples in their design.
As a student of fourth year, those geometric ideas such as circles, ellipses, and Pythagorean triples in their design, have already been
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The practice is based upon statement of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, "The world is built upon the power of numbers.".Numerology is any belief in divine, mystical or other special relationship between a number and some coinciding events.
Today, numerology is often associated with the paranormal, alongside astrology and similar divinatory arts. Despite the long history of numerological ideas, the word "numerology" is not recorded in English before c.1907.
It has many systems and traditions and beliefs. Numerology and numerological divination by systems such as isopsephy were popular among early mathematicians, but are no longer considered part of mathematics and are regarded as pseudo mathematics or pseudoscience by modern scientists.
Scientific theories are sometimes labeled "numerology" if their primary inspiration appears to be a set of patterns rather than scientific observations. This colloquial use of the term is quite common within the scientific community and it is mostly used to dismiss a theory as questionable science.

Numerological practices and beliefs have survived throughout the centuries down to the present day. An example of this concerns the numbers 11, 22, and 33, that are claimed to be master numbers and must not be reduced to a single digit, which when corresponding to an individual's name prognosticate that the individual is a highly developed person spiritually.

Math 600 Years Ago
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