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LEARNING OUTCOME 2 Suppose your boss asked you to summarize the major people-related concerns related to opening an office in China. What issues would be on your list?
First I would find out the cultural differences, break down the language barrier, Make sure that technological systems are compatible, and make sure to recruit the best employees.
LEARNING OUTCOME 3 Name a company you hope to work for someday. What is its track record in terms of corporate social responsibility and sustainability? Are these factors important to you? Why or why not?
Honestly I don’t want to work for a company I have done this already. I want to own my own company and be successful. I want my employees to know that moral and employee’s advancing is what
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I feel that it helps maximize dollars spent on employee compensation for each position. It uses the skills and experience need to perform the job. It helps creates the atmosphere for interview questions. It helps to detail the information about the position. It also helps to keep employees from saying that that not a part of their job.
LEARNING OUTCOME 7 As a small business employer, explain how nontraditional work schedules might make it easier for you to recruit employees. I feel that if you tell an employee that they are responsible for completing so many hours in a week that it would make it easier for instance if I say I need you to work 32 hours this week if you can’t work on Friday Saturday or on Sunday then that means you need to work those hours Monday thru Thursday. If I know you are unable to come into the office to work but I can have you remotely or sign in from home then this can benefit you because you don’t have to make the travel but I still can get you to do the work

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