CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 OVERVIEW Due to the betterment and enhancement of technology

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1.1 OVERVIEW Due to the betterment and enhancement of technology numerous applications are launched in field of mobile and related market. Variety of operating system is also developed for various mobile platforms. Such mobile softwares provide wide range of application enriched with multiple facilities. Mobiles compatible with these applications are fast in processing and communication. They are also capable to handle multiple wireless based networking technologies along with the support of extended functionality. Short Message Service (SMS) is a one of such development widely used for communication now days [1]. Short Message Service is usually used to transport unspecified information, but with the growth of
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SMS service is based on Store and forward mechanism, message is stored first and then sends to a Short Message Service Centre (SMSC), here message stored temporally and check out about recipient and after that it is sent to receiver. If receiver is not reachable the multiple sent operations are called time to time until it is received by its recipient. Transmission of the short messages among SMSC and phone is via the Signalling System Number 7 (SS7) within Q2 the GSM MAP (Mobile Application Part) framework [3]. The problem with GSM MAP is that it is an unencrypted protocol allowing employees within the cellular provider’s network that has access to SS7 network to eavesdrop or modify SMS messages.

1.2 SHORT MESSAGE SERVICE SMS service is a way to send short text messages in to mobile nodes using mobile network. This service uses the concept of store and forward, in this scheme SMs is stored at the node and then forwarded to destination node. The text message is sent from mobile to central short message center (SMS), here it stores temporally and then searches the destination mobile and forwards this message to destination. If mobile seems out of reach the mobile center rapidly check and send message until it deliver to desire mobile. This service supports only 160 character including spaces. These characters are either alphanumeric or supports some character also. It also enriched with feature of delivery report. If a user wants to know about the
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