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The Effects of Digital Game-Based Learning
On Cognitive Development
Monique Labansat
California State University, Los Angeles

Ke, F. (2008). Alternative goal structures for computer game-based learning. International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, 3(4), 429-445.
Research purpose and hypotheses questions The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of DGBL (digital game-based learning) of 5th graders, on a level that related to their cognitive and affective learning outcomes. The main goal was to get a complete understanding and comparison of student’s Mathematical achievement, metacognitive awareness, and positive attitude towards math learning.Generally, this study hypothesized that the
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In the competitive game-based learning situation, students sat in their own seats, at their own desks and played games against the computer (not other students). In the end of the two gaming sessions, each of the students “own” score were compared against other students in the class.
In the individualistic game-based learning situation, students were again asked to sit at their own desks and played the game individually against the computer. But this time no scores were compared against other students. Meaning, no individual gaming ranks were announced at the end. They would solely measure and compare their own learning improvement skills based upon the gaming score record and the number of game levels they completed within each gaming session. (Ke, F., 2008)
A Controlled/no-gaming learning situation was also included in the study. The students’ also completed two 40 minute math sessions per week for a total of 4 weeks. The math exercise session was done individually. But this time around laptops were not included. Student were instructed individually using paper and pencil to take on math exercises that revolved around math concepts and skills. At the end, the teachers gave feedback to all students. Feedback that reflected on whether they got correct or incorrect items answers on the exercise sheets.
At no time during the math exercise session was there encouraged cooperative learning or

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