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Myanmar has suffered under the military junta rule for most of its independent political existence. Despite growing local pressure and international criticism of the military government in Myanmar, the military junta remains in control by denying all basic freedoms including the media, public protest and civil society. The poor governance in Myanmar has brought about poverty, poor health care, low educational standards and systematic human rights abuses. The reason this essay only focus on children’s right violation is because the researcher look children as the most vulnerable members of society have been disproportionately affected by all these factors.

According to the regime, children are the ‘jewels’ of Burma, and are cared for,
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The development of independent civil society is restricted by the total absence of fundamental civil liberties. Civil rights are not fundamentally guaranteed and are systematically violated.

Myanmar has yet to develop any form of rule of law. Political Parties have no roots in society. Except for the democratic opposition party, the NLD, there are only a few ethnic parties as well as the National Unity Party (NUP). Political parties have no place to influence policies, no interest articulation and no representation. Since 1990 until the end of 2010, there is no election at the national level has been held. With no elections having been held for nearly 20 years, the institutions of the military regime have the power to effectively govern and control virtually all aspects of society in Myanmar. All the matter above are political challenges that faced by Myanmar. Continue of the authoritarian regime will make the violation of human rights especially child right cannot be solve. The politic challenge need to be address and take into the account in order to solve the problem of violation from continue happen,


In researcher opinion, all the actors which include the Interest group, NGO, and opposition parties in Myanmar should play more active role in the future in pressuring the regime from continue committing violations towards the children’s right. The collaboration of all these actors can create and
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