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Activity 1 The HR Profession Map shows in few steps how professionals could become a value within the organisation in which they work. It has been created by the CIPD for anyone who wants to upgrade and develop own career or for any other who wants to start working in the HR field. It describes what people need to do and to know and how they need to do it. For this reason the map covers all the professional areas within the HR field, giving the knowledge to become an effective and successful HR practitioner. The map is divided into four bands of competence, covered by ten professional areas and eight behaviours. Looking at the Professional Areas the first focus is on the core of the map “Insights, strategy and solutions”, in which the…show more content…
At the band 2 the organisation process and solutions are cleared to the HR professional. He/she is able to give strategic advices and/or manage any issues related to an individual or a team. At the band 3 the HR professional is able to lead a specific area, work as consultant or partner, plan challenges and relative strategies for medium and long-term. The last band 4 covers the highest level where the HR professional aside from manage a professional area can even lead an organisation. He/she is responsible for developing and delivering strategies for the success of the organisation. To understand how the bands work it is possible to take an example looking at one of the key areas. According to the membership band if the HR professional has to relate with a client, he/she would deliver the fundamentals within the band 1, be a strategy adviser and problem solver for the band 2, work as consultant or co-operative partner to set and guide the strategies within the band 3 and be the client confident and coach while lead the professional area in the band 4. Working in a specific professional area it is possible to transit from a band to another, developing or improving own skills and behaviour. In this regard the HR professional map shows and recommends to follow the eight behaviours about which we said above. Looking at them in details a HR professional should be: Decisive thinker, showing

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