CIPD Assignment 3HRC

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For the attention of the
‘Board of Directors’.

How the HR department
Your Organisation

October 2014


1. Introduction

2. HR Function

3. HR Activities – Supporting Strategy
3.1. Recruitment
3.2. New Employee’s
3.3. Employee Relations

4. HR – Supporting Line Managers & Staff
4.1. Maternity Pay / Leave
4.2. Retirement / Pensions
4.3. Maintain A Safe Working Environment

5. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Further to the recent organisation re-structure forecasting the closure of the HR department, the following report has been created to highlight the importance of the HR activities and the support it offers within the organisation.

This report highlights how certain HR functions can
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4. HR – Supporting Line Managers & Staff
HR and Line Managers work together to find a balance that best supports the business and employees. Line managers are dependent on the HR function for assistance in knowledge sharing and facilitation.

4.1 Maternity Pay / Leave

HR have a responsibility to ensure they keep up to date with the latest legal implications regarding maternity, fostering, adopting regulations and calculating the correct amount of leave an employee is entitled to. HR keep the employee involved with work, so they feel less isolated by arranging social events for other parents on leave, such as coffee mornings, and playdates for those employee with young families. HR also arrange back to work meetings; keeping the employees updated with their role and company news; employees will return to work thus retaining skilled and experienced staff and no need to invest on training and recruiting.

4.2 Retirement / Pensions

Working alongside the Line Managers, HR make sure managers have the information they need to manage the performance of employees of all ages, including older workers. HR professionals ensure the Performance review of all employees to prevent the risk of unlawful age discrimination. HR analyse details when employees are approaching the age of retirement, ensuring Line Managers ask all employees

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