CIPD Resourcing and talent planning assessment A

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CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Human Resource Management
Resourcing and talent planning / Employment law
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This assignment will be investigating what constitutes “best practice” in recruitment and selection, and explain what strategies should be used to ensure the best qualified and most effective employees are selected. In particular this essay will focus on;
The use of job descriptions, personal specifications and competence frameworks.
Analysing the main recruitment and selection methods.
Explaining the main legislation that impacts on recruitment and selection.
Describing how contracts of employment are established.
At its core, recruitment and selection is about attracting and employing the most
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Internal recruitment can be done relatively cheaply and quickly; the vacancy can be advertised through staff notice boards, company intranet or company-wide emails.
If internal recruitment is not an option / has been unsuccessful, companies will the need to advertise to a wider audience. An employer will need to decide which method of recruitment is most suitable for the role and organisation. Common recruitment methods include advertising on the company’s own corporate website, using internet based jobsites, recruitment agencies, local or national press, job centre plus or employee referral schemes. The CIPD resourcing and talent planning survey (2013) lists the top 5 methods of recruitment as,
“1) Own corporate website 62%
2) Recruitment agencies 49%
3) Commercial job boards 38%
4) Employee referral schemes 33%
5) Professional networking (such as linkedin) 31%”

The method used will depend on a number of factors, as Armstrong (2012, 22) discusses, “The criteria to use when making a choice are: 1) the likelihood that it will produce good candidates 2) the speed with which the choice enables recruitment to be completed 3) the costs involved, bearing in mind that there may be direct advertising costs or consultants’ fees.”

Other factors that need to be taken into consideration include the job role / target audience, location of post

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