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Wireless Network Design Exercise Student Name(s) Timothy Chue

I. Your employer, XelPharm, is a large manufacturer and distributor of generic, over-the-counter healthcare products. Its main campus consists of three buildings within two blocks of each other. Each building houses approximately 200 employees, including those in the following departments: Administration, Accounting, Research, Legal, Quality Control, Order Fulfillment, and Production.

In addition, XelPharm owns a large distribution warehouse approximately four miles away from the headquarters. Until now, its networks have relied entirely on wired connections. The company’s CIO (chief information officer) decided long ago that he would wait until wireless technology
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Still, the issues mentioned in this paper need to be taken into account every time a new wireless application is considered. Only if we make responsible choices in replacing wired technology by its wireless alternative, we will be able to continue to improve our life quality, in the near as well as distant future. Wireless solutions offer productivity, convenience, and cost advantages over traditional wired networks. Wireless solutions allow many benefits, including allo wing businesses to benefi t from the value of their information. Wireless solutions can provide users with access to real-time information from more places in their organization. This mobility supports productivity an d service opportun ities not possible with wired networks. Organizations are adopting wirele ss solutions to improve their competitiveness. Wireless standards provide users with more flexibility and ease of use in networks. It is time to adopt to wireless technology because employee’s don’t not need to carry out wires and cables to connect to wired connections, your workers can be connected without sitting on connected PCs and lastly reduce costs because wireless networks are generally cheaper and easy to install and maintain than wired connections.
2. Also, what can you tell him to convince him that wireless networking could improve the company’s productivity? Wireless Networks are a must have, being online 24/7 is a privilege
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