CIS 400 Week 1 Assignment: Cloud Computing

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Assignment Week 1 Andreunae Ferguson Prof. CIS 400 Cloud Computing 1/27/2017 What is cloud computing? Cloud Computing is storing and accessing applications and data over the Internet and not locally of your computer’s hard drive. The concept has been around and in use for years. To put it more simply, cloud computing means providing processing power to electronic devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones) via a remote infrastructure. There are some advantages and disadvantages of using cloud computing in a business environment. I will be describing three advantages and three disadvantages of using cloud computing in everyday business. Cloud computing offers many advantages to both end users and businesses of all sizes. The advantages of cloud…show more content…
Cloud computing offer services that are available wherever the end user might be located. Telecommuting is becoming a popular option that employers are offering and cloud computing makes it an even better idea to implement knowing that the data is stored in a secure location. No matter where you are in the world, you can access your cloud based applications. This is also another way for businesses to save money in their budget as not all the employees are required to be in the office, so they do not need as much space or such a large building to accommodate all their employees. This allows businesses to save on rent, utility bills and office equipment. I know we just covered the advantages of cloud computing but there are some disadvantages also. The disadvantages of cloud computing that I am going to cover are: security, technical issues and cost when under attack. You just have to determine whether you can mitigate the risks to make cloud computing work for you. Cloud computing is a means that offers huge benefits to its users, but it also comes with its set of complications and inadequacies. Because of this, businesses and government agencies need to know what the down side is before jumping all in and using cloud computing to answer all their IT
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