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CIS1101 – BUSINESS ONLINE Page 1 of 14 Examination Period - Semester 2, 2014 PART A Multiple Choice Questions You are required to answer forty (40) questions. This section is worth a total of forty (40) marks. Please record your answers on the CMA Sheet provided. QUESTION 1 The ____________________ is the major reason that the Internet has such potential for destroying traditional conceptions and implementations of intellectual property law. a) ability to make perfect copies of digital works at little cost b) use of standards for file formats c) anonymous nature of the Internet d) support for instant peer-to-peer communication QUESTION 2 ____________________ is an example of the affiliate revenue model. a) b) c) d) MyPoints…show more content…
a) b) c) d) Exchanges E-distributors Industry consortiums Private industry networks QUESTION 23 ____________________ allows you to rate, categorize, and share the content you find online. a) b) c) d) StumbleUpon WordPress Instagram Wikipedia QUESTION 24 A ___________________ is an audio presentation stored as an audio file and posted to the Web for users to download. a) b) c) d) weblog RSS subscription widget podcast CIS1101 – BUSINESS ONLINE Page 5 of 14 Examination Period - Semester 2, 2014 QUESTION 25 ____________________ refers to the ability to ensure that messages and data are only available to those authorized to view them. a) b) c) d) Confidentiality Availability Privacy Integrity QUESTION 26 ____________________ have experienced the most significant online growth. a) b) c) d) Virtual merchants Offline general merchandisers Manufacturer-direct firms Catalogue merchants QUESTION 27 A ____________________ typically includes a data flow diagram to describe the flow of information for a Web site. a) b) c) d) physical design testing plan co-location plan logical design QUESTION 28 A ____________________ is another name for a private industrial network. a) b) c) d) electronic data interchange (EDI) network net marketplace hub-and-spoke system private trading exchange (PTX) QUESTION 29 The ____________________ is the earliest precursor to today's e-books and e-book readers. a) b) c) d) Apple iPod Project Gutenberg Voyager Company’s multimedia

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