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Part I 1) Right Loop 2) Ending Ridge 3) Dot 4) Ending Ridge 5) Bifurcation 6) Bifurcation 7) Crease 8) Ending Ridge 9) Short Ridge 10) Crease 11) Ending Ridge 12) Independent Ridge 13) Short Ridge 14) Ending Ridge 15) Bifurcation 16) Short Ridge 17) Pore 18) Ending Ridge 19) Bifurcation 20) Ending Ridge Part II The Skin has numerous functions as it serves as a protective barrier, regulates body temperatures, controls water retention, and secretes sweat and so on. The anatomy of skin can be broken down into three different layers which include; the epidermis, dermis, and the subcutaneous tissue also known as the hypodermis. The purpose of this paper is to explain the relationship between the layers of skin and friction skin…show more content…
The flexibility of a ridge means that no two people have the same fingerprint. According to Maceo (2011), the morphology of friction ridge skin is a mere reflection of its functions. She states that ridges and sweat pores allow the hands to grasp things while the creases allow the skin to be flexible (Maceo, 2011). Friction ridge skin has two properties; uniqueness and permanence. “Permanence is the principle that a person’s fingerprints remain essentially unchanged throughout their lifetime. As new skin cells form, they remain cemented in the existing friction ridge and furrow pattern” (Center, National Forensic Science Technology, 2015). Friction ridge skin is actually pretty durable however it does go through subtle changes throughout our lifetime and the variations are caused by the flexibility. According to Maceo (2011) even though the skin is subject to things such as injury or aging, understanding the process is the key to explaining the loss of minutiae. As for injuries, once the skin is healed of any damages these ridges begin to grow back. Even a cut through the finger doesn't necessarily change the uniqueness of anyone's fingerprints. If scars are present it simply adds another unique characteristic to the print. In conclusion the relationship between the properties of skin and friction skin impressions is that without these characteristics or capabilities fingerprints wouldn’t exist. The

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