CN340 Final Paper Assignment

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Bénis Munganga
Dr. Mary Pilgrim
May 5th, 2017
Final Paper
When I first saw the final paper assignment posted, I directly decided that I was going to start reading the chapter that goes over the recruiting interview which winds up to be Chapter 7 in the textbook “Interviewing Principles and Practices”. I chose this chapter because I thought it would be interesting to know how the recruiting process differs from one organization to another or from one country to another, given that I chose to interview people from outside the United States. I also picked this chapter because I realized that recruiting is the most used tool in order to decide whether a prospective employee will be a good fit to a given position in a given organization.
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Like I stated before in the introduction, it allows to evaluate the different reactions of candidates; namely how they react toward a stressful situation and how well they respond to questions. It also allows to know whether a candidate is motivated about the job he/she is applying for. It then becomes clear or easy for the recruter to decide whether a certain candidate will be a good fit to the organization given his/her qualifications. Thus, this type of interview requires some preparation from the interviewer. The preparation is basically reviewing the EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) laws that allow the recruiter to avoid any kind of discrimination, developing an applicant profile by means of competency-based, behavior-based and talent-based techniques, and finally assessing what applicants want in an interviewer (friendliness, honesty…) and in a position that they are applying for (environment and culture in the organization). On top of preparation, the recruiting interview requires some kind of structure. A good recruiting interview needs to be highly structured. Otherwise, it won’t allow the recruiter to get as much information as possible from the interviewee. Along with the type of structure, the recruiting interview allows to have a broad selection of question sequences. To be more specific, the funnel, inverted funnel and tunnel sequences are the mostly used to allow a smooth movement from…show more content…
It was a great opportunity for me to pull out information from what I learned in class and put it in practice. This helped me understand much more about what is going on under the recruiting process. I was really surprised to know that numerous elements such as employment laws are taken into account while preparing and conducting the recruiting interview. Knowing all this information about recruiting is like preparing my mind to what I will encounter in the future as a job candidate. Whether someone will be offered a job in the future or not in a certain company, I will be able to understand that a thorough process was followed to judge if they’ll be a good fit to the company or
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