CO2520 Final Review Essay

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1) The study of communications in the early twentieth century solidified in to which two approaches? (a) Culture shock and cooperative conflict style (b) Rhetorical and behavioral (c) Dichotomous and recursion (d) Self-awareness and positive reinforcement 2) Beliefs that are so central to a cultural group that they are never questioned are known as: (a) True believers (b) Empowerment (c) Self awareness (d) Cultural values 3) Organizational communication exhibits two properties: (a) Organization and structured (b) Planning and execution (c) Function and production (d) Assertiveness and bluntness 4) The intent to harm is a defining element of: (a) Striking (b) Insulting (c) Ignoring (d) Bullying 5)…show more content…
(a) Renaissance (b) Golden Age (c) Contemporary (d) Industrial 24) What is the attribution theory? (a) Attritional Bias (b) Self-serving bias (c) Fundamental Attribution error (d) All of the above 25) Considering the ages, races, sexual orientations, religions, and social-class backgrounds of your audience is all part of the: (a) Demographical Analysis (b) Geographical Analysis (c) Cultural Analysis (d) Ethical Analysis 26) If you wish to be sensitive to other people’s identities, you should: (a) Consider who you communicate with (b) Remember what the person’s personality first (c) Ignore any weaknesses that person by have (d) Be aware of 3 key ethical issues that can impact your communication with others 27) Statistics, examples, and personal narratives are all ________ that can be used to enhance your speech. (a) Collective resources (b) Important topics (c) Ideal focuses (d) Supporting materials 28) One way to ensure you are prepared for your presentation is to: (a) Memorize (b) Practice (c) Be well dressed (d) Check for errors 29) A relationship that is described as

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