COD Black Oranges: A Short Story

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Sitting on the couch with TV cranked up loudly and snacks and drinks everywhere all around the house Leo and George playing COD Black Ops George: Hurry! Fill up your ammo and get in the house! Round 30 is about to start! Leo: I’m goin’ i’m goin’! Round 30 in COD Black ops is when you have 3 juggernauts, russians, choppers, and attack dogs. George: Wait go and get a quick revive too and hurry you have 10 seconds left!! Leo: Alright i’m on it. …… Okay I’m in the house let’s do this thing. George: Good, my plan was to take out as many russians and dogs as possible without getting hit by the juggernauts or choppers, stay away from the juggernauts until we have gotten all the russians, dogs, and choppers because they are very slow sound like
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