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Students Just Want to Have Funds

People assume students are young people who attend college to become adults, not knowing that most students already carry on adult-like responsibilities. Nowadays, young people live on their own, without their parents’ help, and cannot afford to go to school and pay rent, as well. During my high school years, I expected to be balancing university activities with homework and dorming, not expenses and low-paying jobs. According to a New York Times news conference, a 24-year-old former student, Frankie Barria says “having a roof over my head and food to eat was more important”. Mr. Barria found it difficult to do well in school and stay employed, so he resigned his education. The leading cause of
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And if the school reached out to students when there was a certain amount of absences, I strongly believe that the student would become motivated because their school cared enough to contact them just to offer to help. This school system would require the student to attend the workshop in order to back them up financially. Students attending the workshops could work together to create fundraisers for their school debts including textbooks and school supplies, alleviating stress for the students. Feeling like you’re in a team with people who are experiencing similar struggles helps the student to not feel alone and take initiative on solving their particular problem. This resource will help students to slowly motivate students to attend school and pay off pending debts. College dropouts will not cease to happen but colleges can help reduce that percentage by participating more with students to pay debts. I’d feel more confident in accomplishing my goal of graduating if I felt like my school was there for me in any way that I needed them, including monetary wise. Dropping out of college shouldn’t be happening, especially due to finances. The reason people decide to attend school is to increase success and income to live in this expensive world. Every individual should have the opportunity to move up the ladder of success, and no one should be denied education due to low income. Workshops and money management courses should be enough to avoid
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