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While most kids attend public schools to receive an education, there are some people who choose to have their kids home schooled. There are many reasons for parents to choose either way for their children to receive their education. In my essay, I will show that there are similarities and differences between the two methods I will show how either option equally as good as the other.

Public schools provide a way for kids to perfect their interactive skills with other kids and teachers. It allows kids to interact with other children and acquire critical social skills that they will use as they grow up. It teaches kids teamwork and how to work with other people to solve problems. It also gives kids the opportunity to think outside the
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Some teachers have up to 30 plus students per class and up to 6 or more classes each day. This can pose a challenge with the teachers on how effectively they can work with students on a one-on-one level. Unfortunately, a situation can also arise in which the teacher does not necessarily bother with teaching students and are not bothered if they begin to fall behind.

Home schooling is another way that children can achieve an education in a smaller and more relaxed learning environment. It also allows children to go at their own pace and have more time to get their work done. Home schooling can be a better way for kids to get their education especially if the child has a problem with being around other kids or being away from home. Home schooling allows children to learn at home in familiar surroundings, which can have a positive effect on kids if they have trouble adjusting to a classroom and being around other kids. Being at home, doing school work also allows kids to work in a stress free environment by means of getting one-on-one attention if they are having difficulty understanding or solving a problem.

While homeschooling may sound like a great way to give kids an education, it can have its draw backs. An issue that can arise is when a parent decides to home school their children, they might jump into it before learning
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