COMM 320 Business Plan

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Business Plan Project WeRoll - Ridesharing made easy! Submitted to: Professor Judy Nagy 14 April, 2015
 COMM 320 BUSINESS PLAN Business Plan Project 1 Concept 4 Management Team Industry and Market Analysis 5 5 Industry Overview 5 Trends 6 Market Gaps 6 Product Lifecycle 7 Key Success Factors 7 Industry Forces 8 Target Market 10 Market Potential 11 Window of Opportunity 13 Marketing Plan 13 Marketing Strategy 13 Market Segment 14 Unique Selling Point 14 Competitive Advantage 15 Marketing Mix 16 Revenue Projection in Brief 17 Operations Plan 18 Human Resources 18 Service Flow 19 Production Capacity and Growth Plan 19 Facilities 19 Supplier Relationships 21…show more content…
His academic background is in Graphic Design at UQAM and a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts at Concordia University. He attained his Master’s of Communication from UQAM in 2013 and has been working in and on startups throughout that whole time. Felix had always been interested in design as well as technology and combined the two by introducing the site Industry and Market Analysis Industry Overview The industry that WeRoll falls into is: Internet Service Providers, Web Search Portals, and Data Processing Services, and the NAICS code is 518 (FindTheData, 2015). This industry definition is a very broad one, meaning that industry competition can be very diverse, and indeed it is. The industry covers services and platforms with a vast variety of focal markets. The portion of the 
 COMM 320 BUSINESS PLAN 2 industry that WeRoll will be most directly concerned with will be Ride Sharing, in which they work as a Search Portal and Data Processing Service to facilitate the discovery of ride sharing opportunities for individuals as well as processing accumulated data to create valuable insights for corporate or municipal clients of its Pro plans. Trends There are both Business and Environmental trends that influence the industry in which WeRoll will be competing in. In terms of Business trends, specifically for ride-sharing, or social transportation, there is currently a prevailing trend
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