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1.0 Introduction According to Reverso (2003), theoretical principles refer to the study based on the ideas and beliefs related to a particular matter that rarely applied. Value and identity, and theoretical issues and are instances of the theoretical principles which the society and corporations should consider as the key to success. These theories will be illustrated and applied to Bittman’s article, “Good government puts people over business" (2015). 2.0 Key Issues in the Article As stated by Bittman (2015), the political economy has underlined what the government found complicated in making decision upon agriculture and economics matters where they are complex soft systems. We have no idea whether they are on track of working or under…show more content…
Yet, there are the corporations controlling the operation of the society and they are all-in-time focus only on their interests. This is because the government found complicated to decide on agriculture and economics matters as they are complex soft systems where there is a lack of idea whether both of them are on track of work or under maintenance. In the article, Jenkins (2008, p. 10) described formal or informal organizations as the most extensive collectivity comprising tacit behavioral customs and norms as well as unambiguous regulations and policies in shared goals, in sets of control and authority, in criteria of employment and in operational standards. According to Ashforth and Mael (1989), an employee normally defined himself or herself in respect of organization, dealing with relation of individual to the organization. A complicated and continuously increasing mixture of planning, improvisation and habit, affected by emotional responses, health and well-being, access to natural resources, knowledge and view of world is known as individual identification. Group, a real but illusory identification, does not have the same ontological status as individuals because human individuals are known as actual entities. People who think themselves are activists symbolize they are collectives who manipulate the politic to their own interest. However, conservatives are thinking in a safer way to keep themselves living in a
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