COMPSTAT and the Newark Police Department Essay

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The COMPSTAT ( Compare-Statistics) system was developed by the New York Police Department in 1994 and is credited with having a significant impact on the reduction of major crimes in New York city. COMPSTAT is internationally recognized as having become an extremely successful tool, incorporating accurate crime intelligence analysis methods and streamlining law enforcement management processes, including the seeding of power to local district commanders. In broad strokes, COMPSTAT can be described as a series of process used for the collection and analysis of criminal intelligence data which in turn assists commanders in developing effective strategies and tactics to combat crime.
The effective reduction of crime and quality of life
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DDPIA is a integral part of that process that involves the gathering and analysis of timely and accurate criminal intelligence information, crime statistics and other data such as emergency incident and management information, traffic data, and individual anecdotal information such as routine police reports. Criminal statistical information is crucial to COMPSTAT to enable analysts to structure information in ways that can assist managerial decision making processes. Through the compilation of a wide range of data sources it is possible to search for and determine larger patterns and trends, which in turn allows commanders to make strategic decisions about resources, manpower, operations, plain clothes operations and beat policing activities.
What changes in strategy have taken place as a result of the implementation process?
The COMPSTAT process has not changed the fundamental approach to policing at the grass roots level. Traditional law enforcement tactics, which have long been a staple in police activities across the board, still remain the preferred method for dealing with crime on the street. However, it is important to note that the DDPIA process
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