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ccccc Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. A computer is a device that ____. a. accepts data b. stores data c. produces output d. All of the above ____ 2. ____ is an area of a computer that temporarily holds data that is waiting to be processed, stored, or output. a. Memory b. Storage c. Input d. Output ____ 3. A computer ____ is two or more computers or other devices that are connected for the purpose of sharing data and programs. a. Panel b. PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) c. Matrix ____ 4. A ____ is simply a computer network that is located within a limited geographical area. a. Console b. LAN (Local Area Network) c. WAN (Wide Area…show more content…
a. parallel processing b. Pipelining c. serial processing d. both a and b ____ 23. I’m part of the operating system, stored in ROM and I supply the instructions needed to load the operating system’s core into memory when the system initializes. What am I? a. bootstrap program b. device driver c. launch program d. utility program ____ 24. The best-selling operating system is _____. a. Linux b. Mac OS c. Microsoft Windows d. UNIX ____ 25. A(n) _____ is a legal contract that defines the ways in which you use a computer program. a. copyright b. installation agreement c. software license d. all of the above ____ 26. Which type of computer game provides a realistic setting as its main feature? a. Simulation games b. Puzzle games c. Strategy games d. all of the above ____ 27. A network traffic jam results in service deteriorating as __________. a. download times increase b. you computer no longer saves files c. your keyboard no longer works d. unreadable code appears ____ 28. You want the least expensive backup device for a file under 1MB. Which of the following should you choose? a. CD-RW b. external hard disk c. floppy disk d. Writable DVD ____ 29. Which of the following was the fastest spreading mass-mailing worms of all time? a. Sasser b. Love Letter c. Blaster d. Cloner ____ 30. Which operating system uses case-sensitive filenames? a. UNIX/Linux b. DOS c. Mac OS d.


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