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In general conflict resolution is mostly concentrated on the conflicts that have occurred in the public. In this report I have tried to explain the circumstances that lead to conflict in workplace. This report analyses the situation using organizational behaviour concepts and gives an alternatives to avoid this kind of situations in future and my learning’s.

Time period: August 2013

Paul and I were working alongside as senior sales engineers from last one and half year at machine tool distribution and trading company in Hyderabad, it’s a bureaucratic organization. Our responsibilities are same but the regions were different. I was in-charge of three
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As per our HR, policy, he should take that person to a room and could have given the feedback. So, I found this disturbing and I have raised (Voiced) the complained to Associate H.R (Ms Ramani Reddy) about Paul’s behavioural aspect on the floor.

Soon, Ramani and I had a meeting, which was confidential. I explained her the whole situation and also informed her the way Paul behaved at that precise moment was uncalled for. Ms Ramani took my feedback and promised me that appropriate action would be taken.

After a day Paul walked up to me and asked why did I put in the complaint against him. I was shocked to hear that he knew my name and he told me that Mrs Ramani has gave my name. Then he started abusing me for doing so in front of everyone on the floor. Due to this situation I have distanced myself from Paul and also noticed that other members on the floor distanced themselves from me as they though that going to HR was not appropriate. Here Ramani has not maintained the fairness and personally biased towards Paul as they were colleague before Ramani moving to HR department. Next day again Paul started misbehaving with me with abusive words.

I was fuming by this time and I sent an email to the H.R head (Mrs Vidya Kumari) describing the whole situation and the Ms Ramani has dealt with the issues that was not fair (Fairness) on the part of H.R team. I explained to her the confidentiality clause, which I put in, was never adhered to and I asked her to
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