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D240 TMA 03 CONSIDER SYSTEMIC ISSUES IN A COUNSELLING CASE STUDY. INTRODUCTION Therapeutic approaches to counselling have evolved over the last century as therapists’ attempt to help their clients’ resolve negative patterns of thoughts and emotions. Whilst fear and sadness are said to be naturally occurring human emotions that evolve and form part of ‘life and living’, society is becoming increasingly aware of the negative physiological implications of stress caused by changes in environmental conditions, and clients’ are encouraged to seek professional help before their emotions spiral out of control leading to anxiety and depression, and in some cases mental health concerns. Whilst different in their approaches, existential…show more content…
Darren’s son is too young to understand his father desires but would certainly benefit from his father’s new role of being around a lot more and taking a greater interest in his life. The question of what is stopping Darren from fulfilling his role as a father is a complex one. Some may argue, that it is entirely Darren’s fault, others may think Jane has been too soft, preventing him from fulfilling his role as a father. From a systemic view point, it is the whole family system that is stopping him and needs to adapt to a change in order for Darren to feel he is accepted more within his family. (Vossler, pg. 192) Conflict between Darren and Jane typically occurs when they are at home. Excerpt 14 of the D240 DVD suggests that therapy can take place in any setting and generally where the problem exists; therefore a therapy lead session within the conflicting environment could prove extremely beneficial. The counsellor would be in a better position to observe the dynamics of Darren and Jane’s relationship and, after the session, help them both reflect in a more objective manner on ways in which to deal with the situation. Conflict generally occurs when Darren tries to take a more active role, making him feel powerless. Darren tells Jane how he feels but she dismisses it, this in turn makes Darren angry. They argue over a number
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