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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, commonly known as COPD, is a collection of lung conditions or diseases that, all together, block the flow of air into the lungs. This condition makes it hard for the patient have dyspnea, anoxia, or eventually apnea. COPD usually starts off small and gradually gets worse and worse over time, hints chronic in its name. Because it starts off small there are many people who have this disease but do not know it until it is further along and worse. This disease is very common for both smokers and nonsmokers and is a bigger threat to our health than most people think. < Victor >< MacGill > COPD can be caused by a number of things, but the biggest risk factor is smoking. Other inhalable toxins can also cause…show more content…
There are many still in the stages of testing but should come along soon. One of these in study are endobronchial devices which is in phase three trials and are valves inserted into the bronchi. These depend on inter-lobar fissures and are only for those with heterogeneous emphysema. Long-acting muscarinic antagonists are also in study. They are molecularly different than other bronchodilators and also reduces the side effects these other drugs bring about. Gene therapy is another thing being proposed for treatment. This trial seems like it will be ongoing and may never reach the market because it is very dangerous to the patient. These along with many others could increase the effects of COPD on many in the future. With all the knowledge, we have on COPD there is still so much to learn and improve on. This disease is not one we can dissolve out of existence like polio and the bubonic plague. Even though it may seem endless we have to continue work to reduce those affected and the effects of this disease. This disease is life threatening and a horrendous disease to live with so all efforts on improvement are greatly appreciated by patients affected by it and professionals who are trying to improve life for these
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