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Comprehensive Treatment Plan for Levi
Levi is a 35-year-old man who is HIV positive. He works as an auto mechanic. Levi learned he was HIV positive 10 years ago and has since been on medications that have successfully stopped the progression to AIDS. He has been able to maintain being fairly health physically although the disease has began to have a more serious toll on his emotional well being. Levi has begun to withdraw from much of any social interactions, he has also avoided telling his family about his illness and avoids interactions with most of his friends. He has been able to obtain a
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While going through CBT, Levi will be able to identify her problematic behavior, the causes of his addiction and abuse, and having clarified and zeroed in on them, learn to correct them. Essentially, CBT is a collection of strategies learned step by step which allows the individual self-control, mastery over impulses and desires. By using CBT, Levi will learn coping mechanisms, come to understand the negatives of continued drug use, and learn self-monitoring techniques to identify and curb risky behavior.
Residential treatment (RT), which is currently recommended, actually places the substance abuser in a facility where care staff and experts who oversee their treatment monitor them. For Levi, this is a combination of medication, psychotherapy, physical activities, social activities, and counseling. The target is to support, guide, and monitor the client in completing this treatment plan, wherein the target is for the client to be rid of said addiction through the course of the plan. The continuum of care for addictive and compulsive behavior will be an important element in the plan. Additionally, the plan will take consideration of the particulars of the client to fit the plan to the client 's needs, situation, and personality. Wenzel, Brown and Beck (2009) suggest that "in the first session of counseling with suicidal patients, the following strategies should be used: (1) discuss structure and process of treatment, (2) emphasize compliance by the
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